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[livejournal.com profile] pectinouscube just let me know about an artist friend of theirs in need of some funds to pay for a new tablet pen and her school tuition. The offer is $20 for a very pretty, colored digital sketch (no background/full-body sketches; see the banner above for examples). [tumblr.com profile] xiiau's got some gorgeous pictures up on her tumblr and deviantart that you should totally go check out. Right now! For more details or to commission Xiiau see her post on tumblr. Although she's accepting payments through paypal, I understand that she'd rather discuss the commission first through tumblr. Now if I can only decide what I'd like to ask for/determine if I can afford something... =/

As added incentive (as if the artwork alone wasn't enough!), [tumblr.com profile] pigeonsoup is offering free prints/buttons/paper crafted piece of your own work if you commission Xiiau. I'd also like to offer short-ish recordings of podfic (or the phonebook. Whatevs.) if you're able to commission her. Or a recording of any length if you're able to track down a replacement Intuos4 pen that can be sent to Hungary (or the equivalent in donations/commissions). [I'll take care of any author negotiations if it's not your own work or by someone who has given blanket permission.]

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I would like to return from several weeks of silence to bring you this important PSA, courtesy of everyone's favorite [tumblr.com profile] vastderp/Luka on behalf of the awesometastic [tumblr.com profile] rainbowbarnacle. It's important, yo, but I'm going to guess that most of you have already seen the backstory floating around tumblr, so you can skip on past Luka's orginal post if you want. Feel free to catch up if you need to!

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RainbowBarnacle has written some of my very favorite works in the Homestuck fandom, and her work on [tumblr.com profile] brainbent has been nothing short of awesome. (Oh the love I have for her Gamzee!!). She's going through some crazy stuff right now, and I want to help out as much as possible with PROJECT LESBISNATCH, and there's only so much I can afford to send (sometime in the near future, when funds clear. =/ ). SO, here's what I'm going to do:

You send funds (whatever you can spare!) via PayPal, to the appropriate party at tattooedbum@gmail.com, and let me know in the comments/via e-mail/telepathy that this has happened. And then I will read you thing(s) of your choice!! Podfic is love, right? You pick your fandom and pick your story, and I'll try my damnedest to take care of things like Characterization and Author Permissions. Please keep in mind, though, that things on the shorter side (if you feel like counting, <1500 words is ideal -- the longer your pick, the longer it will take to get to you!!) and not too graphic (busy house & little sister) will be easiest for me, but you're the boss, and I can't think of anything that's really too squicky when it's for a good cause! =D

Hell, I'll read you the entire restaurants listings in my local phone book or the PROJECT LESBISNATCH: LET’S STEAL THE DYKLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE as quoted above if that's what you really want. And you'll get your very own shiny "Read For: GENEROUS YOU" tag in the intro to the reading. (If you want. That shit's tooooooootally optional.)

"But daeseage!", you ask, "you can barely keep up with all the grand plans you already have! How're you gonna swing this??"

The answer, lovely, generous reader, is that where doing it man

where making this hapen

That's what.


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