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Well, there's still technically a few minutes left of Friday in my timezone, so here's a quick Five to keep me on track.

  1. I finally got to release my very first podfic, and the author, vulturer, seems to really like it. =] I know I shouldn't be so proud, but I totally am. Mostly because they really liked it, and Star, Heart, Horseshoe is one of my very favorite fics. I'm working right now on a Big Bang Theory short series by shinysylver, and trying to decide which fic I'm going to try to get permission for for the Podfic Big Bang. Soooo excted!!
  2. I finally got my prereqs cleared for physics at the community college! Yay me!! Unfortunately the last seat was filled while I was waiting, but I'm confident that someone will drop or I can get an override. I NEED this class!
  3. Since it's already Saturday here now, the rest of these are going to be recs. Please click the links, and I hope you love them as much as I do!!

  4. "Frontierstuck", by ShinjiShazaki. It is pretty much just amazing, with Rose and Kanaya being badass flighty broads, and crossover crazyness with some Full Metal Alchemist-style alchemy. I first found it searching for podfic (the author has recorded the first few chapters, and you can find them here, here, and here. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  5. "With the Door Wide Open, No One Can Leave", by angerliz. I can still hardly believe how invested in this one I was. It's Jade, Rose, and Kanaya (with the rest as support floating in the background and generally being secondary-awesome) after the game. This was written for Ladystuck, and as such includes cannon through the latest intermission as history, if you're worried about spoilers. I think I can best describe it as fluffy sadstuck, without giving too much away. And that makes it the very best kind of sadstuck!
  6. Last one for today is "A very Important Day", by cambion. It's a Dave/John fic, and it's really rather remarkable the shear number of fics about he two of them, since I don't really ship it. I mean I do, in the sense that I don't not ship it, but if pressed I would have to say that I don't really see the two of them working out together. THAT SAID there are some abso-bally-lutely fantastic Dave/John fics out there, and this is the most heartbreaking of them all. If you've read Brodad's "Rings", I honestly think this one may top it for shear, aching, totally perfect, there's-nothing-else-I-can-do-about-it levels of sad. =[ Normally I'm all about the lighthearted fluff and the crazy-intricate plot-based fics, but this is an absolutely incredible Dave character-study, and you should go read it right now. Seriously, stop reading this journal entry and click links.

Why are you still here????

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Title: star, heart, horseshoe
Author: vulturer
Reader: [personal profile] daeseage
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Equius Zahak/Jade Harley/Nepeta Leijon
Rating: General
Length: 0:07:35; 6.96 MB
Link: Mediafire
Summary: Adventure Log, Day 13: today they swam in a lake.

This is my very first podfic, and I could really use whatever sort of feedback you can give me!! There's a serious dearth of Homestuck podfic, and I hope that other folks decide to get into this. =]

I'm also crossposting to [community profile] amplificathon and [livejournal.com profile] amplificathon.

Friday Five

Nov. 4th, 2011 10:45 am
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Remember how excited I was to be all caught up on everything a couple weeks ago?

Yeah, me neither.

In the interests of brevity, let's just jump straight into the 5.

1. The last Friday of October is a holiday here in Nevada, so I took the chance to visit my best friend in LA.  It was so much fun!  I got to see the California Science Center on the USC campus; take LA public transportation for the first time; meet a bunch of her friends; go to a lesbian night club (where I got danced on before I was drunk enough to deal with new people, and had a very close call with a panic attack -- yay crowds and strobe lights!  I make a terrible queer. =/ ); drove to Sea World (which was kinda neat!); and got to go to the Santa Monica beach just before I left.  I had so much fun, and I got to see the bestest best friend ever!  (She is also my moirail, so step back, y'all.)

2.  The downside to having a weekend of fun and not quite debauchery is that I fell behind on everything.  Most of it wasn't too bad to catch up on, but I just can't manage physics.  Lectures are at 8 am, and the exam this morning was the first time I've been since before the last exam (which I slept through).  I crammed last night, and feel so-so about the exam.  I just have to try harder on the remaining two!  If I get at least a B on both of those, I should be peachy keen.  The high A in the lab, helps, too. (I've got the best lab partner EVER.  I so wish he'd been in my other labs!)

3. It's about the time of the semester to be starting on all my independent projects/term papers/etc., and I'm really looking forward to the one in my ecology lab!  Sunday my group is going to go out to the University Station Farm, and walk up into the hills North and West of it, to (drumroll please!) collect wild horse dung!  Well, what we actually want are the seeds that may or may not be contained in the horse fecal matter -- we're looking at whether or not wild horses contribute to seed dispersal.  Personally I think that this would be a better summer study, and it completely overlooks things like sticker burrs and goatsheads that will stick to the coat, but aren't likely to be eaten and pass through the horse's digestive system intact.  But still, SCIENCE!  I'll let you know how it goes. =]

4. As some of you may know...the End of Act 5 flash animation was posted last week! I know I'm a bit behind the curve on gushing about it, but it was (is!) fantastic.  Personally I think that it makes a lot more sense after reading the 4-part explantions Andrew Hussie posted on his tumblr, but it's still a delight to the eyes and ears.  I'm working my way back through the archives, and boy does it take a while! I think I'm in Act 3 right now; Jades's just been introduced, and I love her so much!  Okay, time to step away from the exclamation points...

5. Because I couldn't let you run away from Homestuck just yet (seriously, why would you even try?!), I'd like to plug one of my favorite AU's: Brainbent.  It's a Humanstuck, where everyone is either a resident or employee of The St. Lobaf Residential Treatment Center (LoBaF = Land of Brains and Fire; the author reeeeallly loves Sollux).  My favorite thing about it? (Well, besides everything.) It's run by LUKA DELANEY!  That's right, folks, author/draw-er dude of my very first favorite web comic, Kagerou.  So go check it out -- it's not like you were doing anything else, right?
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I got this idea from Sarah Dessen (one of my favorite YA authors, whose blog I may or may not subscribe to via RSS so I haven't missed a post in 4 years...).  I figure I may not be able to justify writing something as often as I would like, but 5 items every Friday shouldn't be too bad, right?
Anyway, here goes:

1.  I'm getting back on track with all my school stuff, and it feels sooooo great.  I let myself get behind, blaming the con and then being sick, and it was wrong and it was lazy, and while I enjoyed catching up on the Homestuck and Sherlock fandoms (oh I nerrrrd so hard) it's been seriously detrimental to my actual, required productivity.  I've let a few more assignments than I really should have slide, but I'm able to pretty much start fresh right now, just in time for midterms so I should be okay. =]

2.  My grandma's in the hospital after an MS flare-up and some really bad eating/self-medicating choices, and I'm really worried about her.  I'm driving home this weekend to go see her (when depends on whether not someone can take over my shift tonight.  Stupid homecoming bonfire.).  I can't really afford it, and my mom says she'll probably be fine, but I'd never forgive myself if she took a turn for the worse and I didn't take an opportunity to see her.  If anyone knows any nice florists in the Sacramento Area please let me know so I can pick up something pretty for her on my way there.  Otherwise it's Raley's flowers.  I'm also thinking of trying to find some Rita Mae Brown or Poirot audiobooks at the library.  I'm pretty sure the local one has some; I just hope they're not on the wrong side of the county!

3.  S is doing better at Basic Training, and I'm so happy that she's coping better.  I haven't heard from her directly, but she called home again this past Sunday and my mom played relay and updated me on her letters.  I wish the one that she said she sent me would come -- it's been almost 2 weeks!  I want to know what she thinks of His Dark Materials.

4.  I updated my iPhone to iOS 5 the other day, and I actually really like it!  I don't watch videos through iTunes very often so the the split of music and videos doesn't affect me much (I may change my mind if I ever put those genetics and ecology video lectures from iTunesU back on, but meh.)  I really like the addition of the Reminders app -- I'm awesome at ignoring To-Do lists, but this one is always right there, and items slide right off once I check them, so there's not a horrid mess of crossed-out words obscuring the remaining tasks.  I wish that Apple would allow you to remove stock apps that you have no use for, though.  I have no use for Stocks, GameCenter, Compass, or Notes, and I just want them to go away!  It's not like there couldn't be a stored copy in iTunes in case I ever changed my mind.

5.  I have read an incredible number of fabulous Homestuck fan fiction in the last couple weeks, and I'd really like to pimp a few of my favorites:

Not What We Planned On by elemental is a great post-SBURB fic!  I love the characterization, especially the interactions between characters.  It's fairly lighthearted at first, but shit has just started to hit the fan in the last couple updates.  For anyone who likes podfics, she's planning to record the whole thing, and has snippets of chapters available to listen to here.  It's up to 6/14 chapters and already 70,000+ words long, so you've been warned!
Actually, that's the only one I'm going to rec this week, because I really want you to go read it!  It's rated Teen for language, and for those of you concerned about these things, there are a couple ships, but it honestly only adds to the story, even if they're not your ships. =]

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Instead of writing one of about 3 papers due tomorrow morning, I've been itching to draw.  So I sketched Feferi from Homestuck, but that wasn't enough -- the Procrastination Gods demanded that I color!  Color is not my forte (actually, neither is drawing), but after an unfruitful search for my box of watercolors, I broke out the watercolor pencils instead.  It is my lasting regret that I don't have a purple pencil, but I tried with pink and the darker blue, and I think it came out okay. An evening well wasted!

To the picture! )


And now I think it's time to clean the dinner dishes before my roomie starts with death glares.  And, then, maybe, homework.  Or a Tav sketch...

(secret!time: I really just like painting blobs of color and mixing to see what will happen. :3  I should take a picture of the facing page in my sketchbook sometime!)


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