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Earlier this week a coworker of my mother's gave her half a flat of apricots from a family friend who runs a local orchard. In the interests of actually consuming all the apricots before they went horribly bad in all sorts of interesting and unusual ways, we thought we'd try making preserves! Only neither my mother nor I have ever done any sort of canning at all. Ever. And to top it off, our go-to recipe book didn't have an apricot-specific recipe.

Which meant improvisation time! It turned out all right, so here are some step-by-step instructions for a pretty tasty sort-of freezer apricot jam!

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About 6 hours after finishing, I checked the pop button-thing on the glass jars in the freezer, and they seem to have sealed alright with no cracks! In the interests of testing before releasing this to the internet at large, I tried some of the jam in the fridge on some coconut butter crackers that have been lying around, challenging me. It's still pretty runny, sort of the consistency of honey (we leave ours on the counter year-round, so ymmv), but I think it might thicken after being in the fridge longer. Perhaps the pectin shouldn't have been heated? It's pretty delicious anyway -- albeit very sweet -- and passes as a cracker/toast spread! If anyone has canning/preserving tips I would love to hear them! -- my tomatoes will be ripe soon, and there are going to be more than I can possibly give away!
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I hope you like alliteration as much as I do. =]

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