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This has been one of the most interesting weekends I've had in a while: my parents and sisters were out of town for a soccer tournament in Las Vegas so I had the whole place to myself for the long weekend. Well, myself and three dogs and a cat. All of whom are very needy individuals. =]

Starting with Friday, I managed to throw off all the grand plans I had made: I had a slightly shitty day at work, considering that I've been working in a giant refrigerated shipping container all week, sticking envelopes on the backs of something like 900 packets of pepper seed. No, I'm not bitter. I'm also not done, and get to look forward to spending tomorrow in cold storage again. =[ I was really hoping this project would go faster! Anyway, I then decided that I should pick up some beer to sip like a classy broad when I was done with the full days of yard work and gardening prep I was totally going to be productive and do. Or maybe while working on my physics review. Or something, you know?

Instead, I ended up having a 6+ hours long, drunken AIM conversation with my best friend wherein we were increasingly silly. Apparently we will pass time in any circumstances comparing ourselves and our acquaintances to Homestuck characters, complaining about our childhoods and parents, and being madly in love with each other. There were a shocking number of less-than-threes just thrown all over the place, y'all. Word to the wise, don't suck down a whole six-pack, especially when you haven't had anything alcoholic in months, no matter how good of an idea it seems at the time! I ended the night sick and feeling very sorry for myself.

Which brings me to Saturday, where I woke up hungover to the dulcet tones of hungry malinois. I also don't recommend this. Once the animals were taken care of, though, I managed some tea and toast, and then sat back and listened to a couple hours of the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, which was released on the 14th. I'll put up a proper review (and link to my contribution) once I've had a chance to listen to the whole thing. Actually, all in all Saturday was fairly productive -- I got the dishes done, took Ranger (the inside Labrador) with me to drop off some dry cleaning, made molasses crinkles out of the dough that'd been sitting in the fridge for over a week, and did some laundry. Then I decided that it was movie marathon time. I went to pick up some Phish Food and something sappy from Red Box, only to discover that my favorite ice cream was not in stock. I ended up settling for S'mores, but it's really just not the same. =[ On the Watched List were: Hope Floats, Breaking Dawn pt1, the first episode of Downton Abbey, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, and Kissing Julia Stein.

Sunday I managed to sleep through the wake-up calls and an alarm and didn't get up until nearly noon, and had to rush around taking care of everyone. Then I decided that the weekend was almost over and I just didn't care anymore -- Sunday was a fanfiction day. I browsed through the "polyamory" tag on AO3 and opened up every single one that was a) in a fandom I was familiar with, and b) I hadn't already read. There's actually surprisingly little written about functional, long-term poly relationships: it seems like everything is really just an excuse to write short, explicit orgy fics. And there is nothing wrong with that! I'd have to say that my favorites, however, were Desperate Measures (Or How Hermione Granger's Obsession With Lists Led To A Life) (warning for Weasly twincest), clear sunny skies (on the morning of the apocalypse) (shush about the fandom, okay -- the main characters are the only ones I could stand in the books, and I am a sucker for a road-trip story), Never Thirst (very cute and, just, discussion!!), To Remember You in the Entire (leads to interesting thoughts on how a poly relationship would work in Edwardian England), The Magical Healing Power of Threesomes (anthropomorphic websites and users. Amaaaazing!). I'm also going to include my favorite poly Homestuck fic, Domesticide (Sollux/Jade, Jade/Feferi, Feferi/Sollux, also starring Becquerel), and one I have queued up but haven't read yet that has to do with moving Richard II into the 1980's (Privilege).

Next on the to-do list was catching up on the backlog I have for the Homestuck Kink Meme index (I've sort of let my days go by and by and by) and recording some more of "And, Trying to Unfold for You, Was Bitter" (heretofore referred to as "unfolding") for the Podfic Big Bang. Only I couldn't manage to do either of those while watching The Man Who Fell to Earth (didn't get it) and Jane Eyre (very good), cuddling an attention-seeking kitten, or opening the door about 30 times an hour for the dog to go in and out. So I started a fire and decided to do everything by candlelight for the rest of the evening. The first part was difficult, since I couldn't find any kindling, and ended up trying to light fairly large, damp logs with a bunch of crumpled newspaper. It took a while. The latter was fun, though! I most certainly wouldn't want to live without modern conveniences, but I rather like candlelight. =]

This morning I woke at a reasonable hour, feed everyone, and then crashed back on the couch until nearly noon again. Since I spent the best part of the weekend on the couch, I figured I'd better wash those blankets, as well as change my sheets and the towels in the bathroom, so I ran more laundry today, ran to the store with Ranger again to replace my sister's chocolate milk (I drank the last of it. Whoops!), did the dishes again, changed the cat's litter box, and vacuumed. After many trials and tribulations trying to set up a good recording area (including knocking over the basket of odd socks about 14 times), I settled on a blanket fort on the floor of my room, leaning up against the shoe rack in the closet. The microphone was balanced on an upturned laundry basket, my laptop on the Wal-Mart wire spice rack, and I held the printed-out pages at arm's length nest to the mic. I'm still not satisfied with this arrangement, and it will probably be to impractical to build everytime I want to record, but I haven't listened completely to the chapters of Unfolding I read today, so we'll see. I'm waiting to hear back about some questions I had, so I may be re-recording those chapters anyway.

Now all that's left to round out my lazy weekend are to finish making my bed, find something warm to wear and put together a lunch for tomorrow, placate a whiny hound, pet a fickle purrbeast, and play catchup on the Kink Meme index. Dash it all but I will finish tonight!


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