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I would like to return from several weeks of silence to bring you this important PSA, courtesy of everyone's favorite [tumblr.com profile] vastderp/Luka on behalf of the awesometastic [tumblr.com profile] rainbowbarnacle. It's important, yo, but I'm going to guess that most of you have already seen the backstory floating around tumblr, so you can skip on past Luka's orginal post if you want. Feel free to catch up if you need to!


Hey guys.

So my bud RainbowBarnacle? The really super-cool lass who writes all the awesome fanfiction and co-mods Brainbent with me and is just generally savvy and fun to hang out with?

I am going to steal her.

She lives in Washinton state, has some serious medical issues and anxiety problems and isn’t making enough money at her freelance writing gig to stay where she is and it is making things suck quite a lot for her right now. I’ll let her share the details in her own post later on, since it’s personal and I’m busy planning the heist.

Her family is like “Oh yeah we said you’d never make it on your own, come on back to Illinois.”

Tchyeah no fuck that noise. I’m not letting her move back home to her insane abusive homophobic family and her creepy stepfather (OF COURSE IT’S THE STEPFATHER, IT’S ALWAYS THE FUCKING STEPFATHER) because they will stuff her back in the closet and be weird at her until she goes insane, and all joking aside I hate these people I hate them I want to hit them with my fists.

So I have begun to scheme. It’s sort of a hobby of mine.

If she moves here, thinks I, there are pretty decent housing and medical programs for poor folks. This place sure isn’t Illinois! She’ll know people, and she can probably get an apartment here in the same complex as me so we can be CRAZY SITCOM NEIGHBORS. Illinois definitely doesn’t have sitcoms like that. Northfield is a small two-college town where everything’s basically in walking distance. And we don’t have a horizon glowing ominously with green light at all hours the way fucking Illinois does!

The plan is as such: She mails the tiny collection of items she has accumulated in her time away from the pitcher plant of family loyalty to Northfield, then she takes her wee kitty Penny (here referred to as ‘personal item that fits under the seat and purrs contentedly’) and jumps on an aeroplane to fly out here. Once we have dykenapped RB, she will surf on the couch I do not actually possess while she gets back on her feet. At some point we will accidentally kill a guy and spend three wacky nights pretending the body is still alive, with increasingly unrealistic and fragrant results. They will make a movie about it and we’ll be rich enough to just go ahead and buy the housing project. Problem solved? Yowza!

Snapping back to reality, however:

RB’s current brokeness issue makes my dream of yoinking our fine friend of Sappho a wee bit complicated. She’s got a lease to break and the expenses of moving, and no one wants to leave their nice housemates holding a bag when they skip out early. Some of my friends have gotten in touch to help with the expenses, but she’s starting a new life far from the creepy clingy many-tentacled grasp of Illinois.

I’m thinking fundraiser. Get her to Minnesota, pay for a new place, send her parents a HAHAHAHAHAH FUCK YOUUUU singing telegram to be performed by Man Faye, maybe snag a bit of gently used apartment furniture if there’s anything left.

She’s a brilliant writer but you can’t really sell stories the way you can sell quick little arty bits. I have some commissions pending, but once that’s over, I am willing to whore myself out to save the rare and endangered northwestern dappled lesbian from extinction. I have a couple other friends who will be joining me. I intend to make some nice commemorative buttons to send donors, the way I did that time when I needed to see a shrink and the other time when my dog’s face turned a funny color and I thought he was dying.

the buttons will reference the title of the fundraiser.

which is…

wait for it…

waaaaaiiiiit for it…


Simple rules:

1. Paypal some money here: tattooedbum@gmail.com

2. Include a note asking what you want me to doodle for you (no epic finished pieces, just fun little sketches like what AH is doing for the quake relief drive from last year). I will drabble Kagerou or OC stuff on demand (the text equivalent of fun little sketches). When they are made, I will add “I SUPPORT PROJECT LESBISNATCH” buttons to the pot as well.

3. Dykleration of Independence is stolen, friend of Sappho installed safely in Northfield, Sauron closes his glimmering Eye because nobody’s showed up in Illinois and he gets bored easily.


Expect further reblogs as other artists join the fun.


RainbowBarnacle has written some of my very favorite works in the Homestuck fandom, and her work on [tumblr.com profile] brainbent has been nothing short of awesome. (Oh the love I have for her Gamzee!!). She's going through some crazy stuff right now, and I want to help out as much as possible with PROJECT LESBISNATCH, and there's only so much I can afford to send (sometime in the near future, when funds clear. =/ ). SO, here's what I'm going to do:

You send funds (whatever you can spare!) via PayPal, to the appropriate party at tattooedbum@gmail.com, and let me know in the comments/via e-mail/telepathy that this has happened. And then I will read you thing(s) of your choice!! Podfic is love, right? You pick your fandom and pick your story, and I'll try my damnedest to take care of things like Characterization and Author Permissions. Please keep in mind, though, that things on the shorter side (if you feel like counting, <1500 words is ideal -- the longer your pick, the longer it will take to get to you!!) and not too graphic (busy house & little sister) will be easiest for me, but you're the boss, and I can't think of anything that's really too squicky when it's for a good cause! =D

Hell, I'll read you the entire restaurants listings in my local phone book or the PROJECT LESBISNATCH: LET’S STEAL THE DYKLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE as quoted above if that's what you really want. And you'll get your very own shiny "Read For: GENEROUS YOU" tag in the intro to the reading. (If you want. That shit's tooooooootally optional.)

"But daeseage!", you ask, "you can barely keep up with all the grand plans you already have! How're you gonna swing this??"

The answer, lovely, generous reader, is that where doing it man

where making this hapen

That's what.


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