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Well, there's still technically a few minutes left of Friday in my timezone, so here's a quick Five to keep me on track.

  1. I finally got to release my very first podfic, and the author, vulturer, seems to really like it. =] I know I shouldn't be so proud, but I totally am. Mostly because they really liked it, and Star, Heart, Horseshoe is one of my very favorite fics. I'm working right now on a Big Bang Theory short series by shinysylver, and trying to decide which fic I'm going to try to get permission for for the Podfic Big Bang. Soooo excted!!
  2. I finally got my prereqs cleared for physics at the community college! Yay me!! Unfortunately the last seat was filled while I was waiting, but I'm confident that someone will drop or I can get an override. I NEED this class!
  3. Since it's already Saturday here now, the rest of these are going to be recs. Please click the links, and I hope you love them as much as I do!!

  4. "Frontierstuck", by ShinjiShazaki. It is pretty much just amazing, with Rose and Kanaya being badass flighty broads, and crossover crazyness with some Full Metal Alchemist-style alchemy. I first found it searching for podfic (the author has recorded the first few chapters, and you can find them here, here, and here. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  5. "With the Door Wide Open, No One Can Leave", by angerliz. I can still hardly believe how invested in this one I was. It's Jade, Rose, and Kanaya (with the rest as support floating in the background and generally being secondary-awesome) after the game. This was written for Ladystuck, and as such includes cannon through the latest intermission as history, if you're worried about spoilers. I think I can best describe it as fluffy sadstuck, without giving too much away. And that makes it the very best kind of sadstuck!
  6. Last one for today is "A very Important Day", by cambion. It's a Dave/John fic, and it's really rather remarkable the shear number of fics about he two of them, since I don't really ship it. I mean I do, in the sense that I don't not ship it, but if pressed I would have to say that I don't really see the two of them working out together. THAT SAID there are some abso-bally-lutely fantastic Dave/John fics out there, and this is the most heartbreaking of them all. If you've read Brodad's "Rings", I honestly think this one may top it for shear, aching, totally perfect, there's-nothing-else-I-can-do-about-it levels of sad. =[ Normally I'm all about the lighthearted fluff and the crazy-intricate plot-based fics, but this is an absolutely incredible Dave character-study, and you should go read it right now. Seriously, stop reading this journal entry and click links.

Why are you still here????


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