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I hope you like alliteration as much as I do. =]

Today I overslept again, so I didn't get to start in on recording a new podcast, nor working on the backyard. And god does that yard need work!! We've got three dogs out there, and there's more weeds and dirt than actual lawn. I remember when I was little and it was so pretty! There used to be roses along the back fence and my dad kept the lawn in top condition. Now it's just a wreck and gross. Nearly half the main part of the lawn was rototilled last summer for a garden (and boy was that a trial!! I don't wish tilling packed clay on my worst enemy!!!) I want to get started just cleaning things up, filling in the holes the dogs dug, then reseeding the lawn. As soon as my dad makes up his mind on the ideal stones for building a frame for the raised garden bed i can get started on that.(My idea for railroad ties or frames of 2x6's apparently is too impermanent and ugly for him. Part of the reason this didn't get done when I was home last summer was that he seems to rather that a project is never finished than that it's not perfectly perfect.)

Instead, I fixed a whole bunch or holes in clothes (my dad's shirt was falling apart at both cuffs, under one arm, and had the hem falling out. I mean, there's thriftiness, and there's laziness !), did some tidying up in the front yard, and made a Cranberry-Pear Relish from this recipe. The verdict is: Delicious!

Here, have a picture:

Doesn't that look tasty? It was suuuuuper easy to make, too! Especially once my mom informed be that we do, actually, have a food processor stashed away at the back of the cupboard. I wish I had known this earlier, because it would seriously have sped up some other cooking I've done over the past couple years!!

I also got a couple neat pictures when I was clearing some leaves out of the pots and barrels in the yard: new flowers! With all the mild weather this winter, the bulb plants are growing back in!! (Actually, the calla lilies closer to the house never even died back: they've been going strong since last season!) I don't remember what's in the green pot, but the second picture is of daffodil shoots.

In the green pot

early daffodils

It feels like Spring! Now if only we could get some rain...

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